We offer products from the ecological hygienic paper. We offer a wide selection of toilet paper, kitchen towels and jumbo rolls. Our offer
Take care for nature with us A large part of our production is toilet paper 100% from recycled paper. Also, for the production of cellulose paper we use the raw materials sourced with respect for nature! Take care for forest! Our offer
Trust to our products We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by selecting the paper from our production. All of our products meet all quality standards certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene and ISO 9001: 2009 Our offer
International transport. We have our own transport fleet, which we deliver our products and provide services in the field of international transport and domestic transport. Transport

Company EKO-KLAN Sp. z o.o.

Toiled paper - Paper towels - Jumbo role - Hygiene products

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Company EKO-KLAN specializes in the processing and production of toilet paper and other hygiene products.

The company started its activity in 2000. Since its beginning the company rapidly develops and introduces new products for the domestic market and the markets of the European Union. Headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Margońska Wieś near Chodzież, Greater Poland Province, Poland.
The Management System in our company is certify with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

WE offer

Our main product is a natural toilet paper 100% from selected paper recycled paper.

We also specialize in the production of two-layer and three-layer paper recycled and cellulose. Our product range can be found here.

Our offer

Our offer


Recycled paper - shredding.
Our company is a leading purchaser of waste paper from which produce toilet paper. We have all the required documents to the recovery of the raw material. We issue DPR card and DPO. We provide service in shredding documents. We invite to co-operate companies and institutions who want to safely and ecological way dispose the documents.
Contact: Tomasz Janeczko tel. +48 662 142 206

Purchase recycled paper - shredding

Mother reels for toiled paper or towels.
We produce mother reels with weight 250 to 700 kg and width to 210 cm.

Nowelty !!! Mother reels one-layer white